Pisces december 16 horoscope 2019

Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! The Pisces monthly horoscope for predicts that your family will play a major role in ensuring your professional development.

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They will support you in everything you decide to do without any resistance. The December horoscope for is predicting that your health will be delicate. You will have to conserve your energy levels by delegating jobs to other people.

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After the 22 nd of this month, your health will start improving, but you will need to relax adequately. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! As per the December Pisces horoscope , this month you are majorly focusing on your career. You will grow career wise by ensuring that you develop a good relationship with your business associates. Powerful managers at the workplace will help you identify your weak points and how to address them positively.


Test Now! Based on the astrology predictions for Pisces , financial prosperity will be great this month. The more money you are likely to have, the more in the social ladder you climb. People will respect you for being able to help financially when you can. Those Pisces personality who are pursuing law this month will find it easy to interact with other students who will be willing to help them raise their grades. Professors will be proud of you for all the efforts you are making to be able to perform better in class and score good grades.

Lucky number Colour reds. You are likely to make some changes today by letting go the past and moving into the new current for the future.

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You give up steady, secure professional situations to move into challenging opportunities and creative spaces that are needed for further growth. Colour white. Beware of setting yourself up for disappointment with great expectations today! You can be moody in relationships and flexible about opinions that causes consternation among friends. Let go the past and take a quantum leap into the new current for the future. Lucky number 5. Colour saffron.

Your professional work is futuristic and gains appreciation in time; so do not be impatient today. It is party time, when you can let your hair down and celebrate the festive season. Future business plans must be prudently guarded or they can be sabotaged. Colour sea blue. You participate and deal efficiently with all that is happening around you. You may indulge in shopping and treat yourself today. You can get past a health problem, as it is a healing time for you. Meditation is elevating. Accept the challenge of the unknown!

Colour green. You are a light unto yourself and guide others as well with your wisdom and understanding today!

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Don't look for limelight and exposure but for quiet admiration and sincerity from people. A specialist can resolve health problems so don't hesitate to consult him.

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Lucky number 9. Colour red. Since plans are likely to change without warning, remain flexible and positive. An inner search for truths, priorities and values leads to your witnessing self and awakens the Buddha within. Be in touch with your sense of humour, laughter and celebrate life.

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Lucky number 3. You tend to think negatively and imagine the worst today! None of what you fear is happening but you torture yourself unnecessarily. Instead of feeling hurt and suffering mentally, be positive as things turn around in a happy direction in just a short time. Colour blue.