Types of cancer man astrology

They are not like this all the time, though, because when that moon phase changes… another side may emerge. Deep down, Cancerians are fragile. It can be kinda exhausting…. Me now that Mars is in Cancer. Seriously, this star sign is drawn to water, well, like a crab to the sea. Beautifying their world. Cancerians are innately creative and imaginative, and love beautiful things. Maintaining intense friendships.

As previously stated, Cancerians are intuitive people who know and keep your darkest secrets. They CBA with relationships which are just about fun or never go beyond skin-deep. They want to be as close and connected with those they love and like as possible.

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Bonking is an obsession. The hot tip for hot sex for Cancer is Capricorn. The crab and the sea-goat make an unusual pair, because Cancer is all creative and emosh whereas Cappy is all down-to-business and obsessed with practicalities. Both find in each other what they believe they lack, and this creates huge fascination and admiration. For your own unique and personal tarot forecast, visit Kerry's TarotBella page. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Natalie Imbruglia welcomes baby and reveals name.

Miley Cyrus has called Cody Simpson her boyfriend. They are great friends and they will eagerly reach out their helping hand, but these folks always avoid confrontations. However, they are very determined and would do whatever is needed to reach their goal, or at least would try all variants. They aren't ambitious and find happiness in the simplest things, which are common to others, but are utterly significant for them.

These are family, harmony at home and good friends. They always try to treat everybody equally. These folks are utterly soulful and it is plain to draw a conclusion that personal relations are of uttermost significance for them. They are utterly caring and over-emotive. They constantly seek those identities, who will fully understand them and won't be pushy.

In relations, they are totally devoted and trustworthy partners. Marriage and kids are of tremendous importance for these identities. Cancer individualities are outstanding parents. They always place their family and domestic matters in the first place and will give out all the strength to secure stability at home.

They are sentimental with traditions and gently keep memories. They adore parting their life experiences to family and friends. They eagerly help their friends, if those require aid. They strongly value friendship and like socializing, but commonly do that at home. These kind identities are very compassive, but at times, it is quite difficult to understand their behavior and reaction to different life situations.

These folks can be strongly permanent and sensual. If there is anything to do, they will not stop until the mission is accomplished. It is vital to know that they show better results, if they work in solitude. Therefore, if you need great productivity from them, give them breathing space and you may not worry about the best outcomes.

Commonly, they are good as nurses, politicians and journalists. They may lack confidence at times and so, they would do whatever is possible to reach safety and stability. For that, they will work hard to earn fine income.

They slightly earn fine income, but may waste it quickly as well. They aren't wasteful identities and commonly spend money only for good reasons. They're tremendous investors. Safe good nose for finances, they can successfully manage time.

Cancer: June 20–July 22

Im a 27 year old cancer woman. Im currently dealing with a saggitarius male and were not in a COMMITTED relationship but more like a friends with benefits sitiationship ive been hurt numerous times and so has he, we noth have our gaurds up but jes made. I know hes a great guy and hes wonderful boyfriend material it just sucks thats he not. As a cancer male, I have fallen for someone and got rejected, I feel because I am insecure is the reason why rejection hits me 10x harder than most,which is why I ended up temporarily moody, and anti-social.

I wished I cared less so I wouldn't be so damn stressed. This is so true im a canser women and i hate talking to people idk. I get hurt a lot. I hide my emotions so no one nows im crying in the inside. As a Leo woman, this cancer man has been pursuing me for a while. I rejected him at first, I guess it got him wondering why because that didn't stop him. In the end, I do like his persistence and his conviction. He's polite, and he considerate-has a sense of humor. However I am afraid he may not be emotionally mature-I do not want heart-on-the-sleeve petty fights because then I rather be single.

He has lots of water in his chart-I have a mix of virgo, Gemini, libra, sag, in mines. He has venus in leo while I have Gemini-these are the only compatible signs so far. I love cuddling and with his childlike feature of leo in venus, lots of giggling and jokes. He loves compiments. This has nothing to do with cancer.

Yes there are people with issues who happen to be cancer, who read this and take it as an excuse to not work on their issues. But being moody has nothing to do with being cancer. I know you read everywhere about cancers being moody and extremely emotional beings. But the truth is this:. Statistically most succesful entrepreneurs are Cancerian, the majority of US presidents are Cancerian.

No known dictator in the world was cancerian. Long term. Cancers have vision, are natural leaders, are determined, go getters, and stable in their goals, they are honest and people of integrety.

10 Truths About The Cancer Man In Bed

Are there downsides? Well, to much determination can be difficult for some people around. They know what they want and what not, that this can be difficult for others is shown in the post of capricorn Shannon:. To shannon the capricorn writing about the cancer man she loves. He is not moody. You are. You wrote that sometimes you ignore him, other times you respond and are completely sucked in.

That is being moody. He made it clear to you that YOU are the one over analysing things, reading to many things in his actions.


He is clear to you. You are firmly in the friendszone. You just do not want to accept that. But that is not his fault.

The Cancer Symbol: The Crab

That has nothing to do with HIS starsign. He is very clear to you: you are just a friend to him and nothing more. If he is being kind or drinks coffee with you, i say this: that's normal for friends to do. There is nothing unclear or complicated about this guy. You, girl, have something to work on. And don't get me wrong, we have all been there, that feeling when you really like someone to whom you are just a friend. It sucks. I get that. But you are making things worse for yourself by not accepting his clear response to you that you are just a friend to him.

You are being moody, cause one day it is ignoring him completely and the other you are all friends with him. Stop driving yourself crazy.

The Zodiac Sign Cancer Symbol - Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses

Being shy is not a feature of your star sign. Work on your issues instead of blaming them on a star sign, cause the majority of Cancers are succesfully leading states, companies, schools, classes or religious communities. I fell in love with a Piesces woman at age 7, but when I finally told her my feelings after 12 years, she said the way I want her to stay with me alone is so hard for her 'cause she wants to explore life, so even if she'll be mine, she can't avoid other guys!

I Think sometimes it comes back and sometimes it does not. All I know you Cannon change People. Remember to be good to yourself. I have tried understanding my Cancerian love, but unfortunately I have come to the end of the road. Each and every time I thought there was a small sign of hope, he would reassure me that I was firmly in the Friend-Zone, even with, what I thought was small inklings of caring, such as the random messages out of the blue when we had agreed to stop all contact, the visits to my office and of course agreeing to meet for coffee while I was on leave, as a Capricorn, I generally have control of everything, I like to know what is coming and to be prepared, but with this Cancerian man, I never knew what to expect, he used to tell me that I was the moody one, when clearly, it was him.

I have decided that I cannot be "just friends" with someone I have fallen madly in love with, so we have ended our friendship on good terms, purely because he would still need to come through to my office on the odd occasion, and I have promised him that I would still be friendly with him when he does come through to do some work, but I have also asked him to promise me that he would no longer send me random messages as he has in the past, as those just make all these feelings come rushing to the surface again.

Don't get me wrong, I feel as though my heart has been ripped out of my chest, but I don't see this going anywhere, so there is no other alternative but to end our friendship, perhaps I am not cut out to understand the complexity of a Cancerian. Some advice would be appreciated. Please help! Thanks, Dat Cancer gal, I really am trying, I've tried keeping our conversations to a minimum, in fact I went as far as ignoring him, but after 5 days or so he has this habit of sending some random message, then I fall back into this confusing situation with him.

Its so difficult right now, I don't know which way to turn, and my patience is running out waiting for him to at least acknowledge that I do mean something to him, to be fair, why would one stick around if there is no feelings at all there? I am a Capricorn that is in love with a Cancerian, he is the most difficult person to read, and although I have worn my heart on my sleeve with him, he is not open with me, however will do small things that will make me think he cares, then when I point them out, he will tell me that I am over analyzing things, or accuse me of reading into things a little too much.